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To celebrate the purchase and the restart of WoWDOGE we give 10% bonus(available only once per user) to all new members that can be used on purchasing miners, auto claims or advertising. This bonus is added manualy in 12 - 24 hours after the deposit is made. To make a deposit via faucetpay.io contact us on live support.

If you used to be a member of the old WoWDOGE and lost some DOGE, please create a new account with the same email you used than and contact us to add you to the list. We will start a list with all previous members that lost on this site this weekend with detailed plan on how they will be repayed(only users that invested but did not earn enough to at least return their investment) and how much time it will require us to do that.

If you want to buy the script used on this site contact me via live support for details.

Claim 0.1 DOGE and 5 experience every 30 minutes in exchange for completing a simple captcha.
Auto Faucet
Claim 0.001 DOGE and 1 experience every minute from our auto faucet.
View ads and get paid up to 0.6 DOGE and 5 experience for each view.
Complete shortlinks and get paid up to 0.5 DOGE and 5 experience for every completed shortlink.
Get your mining contract and earn up to 1.9% daily for up to 360 days.
Complete the daily, weekly and monthly challenges to earn even more DOGE.
10% affiliate commissions
Share your affiliate link and earn 10% from all faucet claims, ptc ads viewed, shortlinks completed, miners bought by your affiliates.
Level System
Earn experience from all your and your affiliates activity and level up. There is no limit on levels and each new level gives you additional 0.01% bonus on faucet, ptc ads and shortlinks.
Instant Withdraws
All the withdraws are instant and go directly to your wallet or your faucetpay.io address.
Professional Support
Our support team is the best in the business and is always available to help.